VIVO Pathophysiology Digestive System

Pregastric Digestion: Introduction and Index

"Around the teeth and through the gums - look out stomach, here it comes."

An animal's or person's state of health is only as good as its nutritional state, and nutrient intake depends on normal pregastric function. Maintaining an adequate intake of nutrients is often hampered by diseases affecting pregastric function, and a solid understanding of pregastric function is necessary not only to correct diseases affecting those systems, but also to ensure nutritional support in the face of all diseases.

As important as inadequate food intake is, the most prevalent nutritional disease of humans and pets in developed countries is obesity, and remarkable progress has been made in recent years to explain some of the long-standing mysteries about how we control how much we eat.

Core concepts in pregastric digestion are presented as the following topics:

Advanced and supplemental topics related to pregastric physiology: